Let’s Talk Glass…

Who knew that a table could be sexy? Well, according to customer comments during the latest unveiling of our new glass markerboard tables, that was the most frequently used word to describe them! Our sleek 1/4” tempered safety glass markerboards paired with our ever popular sit to stand base are offered in six new tranquil colors that are simply beautiful. Our glass tables come in 36” x 72” and are offered with optional casters. Tempered glass offers a non-porous surface that is writable, easy to clean, and will not ghost. Tempered glass can even withstand permanent marker which can be cleaned with a mild cleanser. We have added a vinyl back as an additional layer of protection. As a result, if broken, our markerboards will spider rather than shatter and will not spill out. Clean lines, functionality, safety and class-it’s all there.

CEF Colors of Gloss Board 2.jpg
CEF Glass Markerboard Table
Oyster Grey