The Stewart Storage Cart offers flexible & mobile storage for makerspace environments. Offered with single or double sided storage bins, peg board storage, useable top surface and 5" all locking/all swivel casters. Storage bins can be ordered with optional lids and internal dividers for optimal storage spaces for small parts such as beads, legos and more! Designed by kids, built by us.  See the story below!


Storage Bins with lids and dividers help keep your makerspace room organized! We love our bins! They are sturdy and can stack with or without the lids on. These industrial strength rigid plastic bins will last...and did we mention they are STURDY?!


The Caddy Carrier is simple yet effective! Offered in White, Blue, Red, Orange, Green and Yellow.These simple wire carriers allow teachers to house up to 5 devices per caddy and distribute around to individual tables. The Caddy Carrier works great in makerspace environments where mobile devices are needed. Partnered with our Caddy Cart, these 6 carriers combined become housing for up to 30 mobile devices per classroom. 

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Our Butcher Block Table for makerspace environments allows students to design and build creative projects and empowers students to work together.  By offering a hardy work surface, adjustable height legs for sitting or standing, optional power unit and monitor arm, the sky's the limit!  Foster a creative environment and see where your students will go!

Show and tell will never be the same with our Dry Erase Tilt Table! By giving students the freedom to write, draw or solve problems on a dry erase surface, it cultivates creativity and encourages students to become more confident in their work.  The tilt feature of this table is an added bonus for teachers and students, serving as a great way to display student work or to instruct from! 


Our metal "Pop of Color" stools are a great compliment to the Collaboration Table & Butcher Block Table! Available in 24" or 30" heights and is offered in White, Lime, Red, Black, Silver, Mint, Purple or Teal. Make your makerspace bright and inviting!

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Our compact, feature rich Multi-Maker Cart has a small footprint with a big impact. The Multi-Maker cart can be used as a presentation cart, a great addition to your makerspace room, or a charging and storage solution for a classroom or media center. Or...can be all of those things at one time! Let us help you organize so you can teach and make!

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Our Collaborative Team Table instantly sparks creativity and empowers students to work together by offering a dry erase surface, adjustable leg heights for sitting or standing workspace, optional power unit and monitor arm.  Foster freedom and see where your students will go!


The CEF dry erase nesting tables with adjustable height legs are genius just like your students! Allowing students the freedom to write, draw or solve problems on a dry erase surface cultivates creativity and encourages students to become more confident in their work. For teachers, the fun and easy part of these modular nesting tables is to create shapes or groups in your classroom that fit your teaching style. So have fun, and teach well!