Warranty Information:
At the discretion of CEF, we will replace or repair product which proves to be defective in original workmanship or manufacturing that may become evident within the first 12 years from the date of purchase. In order for CEF to honor this warranty, all products must be housed in an environment of controlled temperature and humidity, and the proper guidelines must be followed for care and cleaning.


  • Classroom Chairs Provided by Spaceforme -Up to 21 years (for detailed information, please ask your sales representative)

  • Charging Carts (all components except electrical) -10 years

  • Casters (Charging Carts, STEM Carts, Tables)-5 years

  • Metal Stools-5 years

  • Treated Butcher Block Tops-5 years-Untreated Tops-1 year

  • Electrical components on all furniture & charging carts-3 years-Limited lifetime; provided by the surge protector manufacturer. 

    Surge protectors are designed to sacrifice themselves in order to save equipment connected to them in the event of a power surge.  Consequently, a surge protector that has experienced a surge and no longer conducts A/C power has performed its duty protecting connected equipment.

  • Dry Erase/Markerboard Surface Laminate-1 year

  • Articulating,Fixed or Clamp on Mounted Monitor Arms-1 year

  • Locks-1 year

  • Pneumatic Sit to Stand Height Adjustable Base-1 year

  • Glass Table Tops-1 year

  • Untreated (Raw, Natural State) Butcher Block Tops-1 year

CEF warranty does not apply to:
• Normal wear and tear.
• Abnormal or abusive use of product.
• Transit damage caused by freight carriers other than CEF truck and trailer. Please see separate guideline around freight damages.
• Modifications to product that are not approved by CEF engineering.
• Products not assembled properly, used or maintained in accordance with product instructions and care guidelines.